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      Pomorskie lies in northern Poland along the Baltic Sea. Its northern part is formed by the coastline belt with dunes, wide beaches, long sandbars, coastal lakes and lagoons, and here and there various high cliffs. In the west, at the Vistula river delta there is a depression area called Zulawy. The other part of the region is formed by forested lakelands and stretches of front moraines, and main rivers of the region: Vistula, Leba and Slupia flow there into the Baltic Sea. Historical links between the region's capital Gdansk and Torun (now in Kujawsko Pomorskie) date back to the medieval times where both were the richest trade cities of Poland. In 1997, at a conference in Malbork, the idea to establish the Baltyk Euroregion was suggested. The Euroregion would cover coastal regions of the four Baltic states: Poland, Lithuania, Sweden and Denmark. Gdansk, which is considered the cradle of Solidarity, has a strategic importance for Poland - passenger and cargo ships set out from here to nearly all harbours of the world. With a population of around 750,000, the Tri-City (Trojmiasto) conurbation comprising Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, ranks one of the largest in the country. The Gdansk airport serves domestic and international flights In Gdansk also starts the international route running through centre of Poland, to the south of Europe. The Tri-City has good rail and road connections with Warsaw, Lodz, Szczecin Bydgoszcz and Poznan.
      The region's position in the economic map of Poland is determined by its maritime economy and a well developed ship building industry. The Pomorskie voivodship belongs to the most industrialised voivodships in the country. The refinery and shipyard industries, the electric power industry as well as the radio, television and transport industries, account for the largest share of the voivodship's revenues. Maritime nature of many towns of the region is of special significance for the economy (cargo handling, shipping, fishing industry). The richest enterprise of the region's Rafineria Gdanska S.A. (refinery), which in 1997 achieved PLN 3,7 billion in revenue. There are two special economic zones in Pomorskie, one in Tczew Zarnowiec and one in Slupsk, which together cover an area of 435 ha. There are over 140,000, mostly small and medium-sized, private companies registered in the voivodship, which employ a total of more than 445,000 employees. There are about 3,500 businesses in the public sector (303,867 employees). The specific feature of the Pomorskie voivodship is the large number of fishing companies. The voivodship belongs to the most attractive investment regions in Poland. It is determined by the market absorbency, favourable business environment, environmental conditions, tourist attractiveness and good transportation.
      In Pomerania, there are thirteen state higher education schools. The biggest university is the University of Gdansk, others include: the Gdansk Technical University, the Fine Arts Academy, the Musical Academy, the Medical Academy, the Physical Education Academy and, typical for the region, the Maritime University in Gdynia and the only Polish Military Maritime Academy in Gdynia Another academic centre is Slupsk with its Pedagogic University. There are four degree granting private higher education schools in the voivodship which meet the requirements of the Ministry of National Education.
      Tourism is a very important source of income for the inhabitants of Pomerania. There are kilometres of clean beaches, stretching from Ustka, Leba, and the Hel penisula, through the coastal resort of Sopot, to the Wislana peninsula. The sea; numerous lakes abundant in fish; extensive forests; the lovely resort of Sopot with its unique Forest Opera and the longest European pier; the city of Gdansk (proud of its monuments and 1000 year long history); and the biggest European gothic fortress at Malbork - all recommend Pomerania to the tourist. The voivodship is a genuine tourist Mecca - one of the most attractive regions in the country.


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