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B2B Offer Exchange

   B2B Offer Exchange Terms of use

  1. Using B2B Business Offer Exchange (logging in, adding offers, sending inquiries, filling in forms) means that you agree on terms and conditions presented in this agreement.

  2. Enter data to proper fields while posting an offer or inquiry. If you will not follow this rule your offer/inquiry will be removed from Offer Exchange and your account will be blocked.

  3. Offers should be posted into proper business categories. If you cannot find an appropriate category please post your offer in the "Miscellaneous" category.

  4. Your offer must contain your e-mail address. If you enter more contact data it will be much easier for other users to contact you.

  5. It is forbidden to offer illegal services or place illegal goods on the market.

  6. It is forbidden to post offers of an erotic nature.

  7. The content of posted offer cannot be contrary to the European law.

  8. Do not add offer not bound with a subject of business.

  9. Do not add multiple copies of the same message in one business category in period of one day.

  10. Do not add photo with contact information.

  11. Do not include any HTML tags in your offer.

  12. Do not place negative informations concerning other persons or companies.

  13. Do not advertise illegal goods.

  14. Do not add offers including false information.

  15. Indecent words are forbidden.

  16. It is forbidden to register or add an offer or inquiry in other person's or firm's name.

  17. It is forbidden to advertise any referral systems or so called 'working in Internet' like viewing advertisements or clicking banners.

  18. It is forbidden to add in the inquiry any advertising materials which are not connected with the offer. If you will not follow this rule your inquiry will be removed from Offer Exchange and your account will be blocked.

  19. Contact data of all users of B2B Business Offer Exchange should be used only to contact them for trading purposes. Using this information in any other way, especially data processing, dissemination and distribution, is prohibited.

  20. Users give their consent to publish their offers on all portals cooperating with

  21. Users who are not registered and add an offer or inquiry are automatically registered (to enable managing added offers and inquiries) and receive notification by e-mail with login and password.

  22. Each automatically registered user agrees to receive following messages at his/her email account
    1. confirmation of adding an offer or reply
    2. notifications about need of offer's refreshment/update
    3. confirmation of changes made at user's account
    4. newsletter (once in a month) about changes in B2B Offer Exchange
    5. invitations for forums and schoolings
    6. other promotional and advertising messages

  23. Registered users can:
    1. change her/his contact data,
    2. change her/his options of receiving business offers and advertisements
    3. manage her/his offers and inquiries (modify, remove, repost)
    4. deactivate her/his account

  24. Adding photos:
    1. Adding photos is cost free.
    2. You can add one photo to an offer. Users having Full Access password are able to add more photos (photo gallery of 9 photos).
    3. You can add photos in JPG or GIF format.
    4. It is forbidden to add contact data to photos - such photos will be removed. Only users with Full Access password are able to post photos with contact information.


  26. We reserve the right to remove offers which are posted contrary to the rules presented in this agreement.

  27. In case of resignation of the realization of paid service, the fee is not refundable.

  28. We are not liable for any damages arising from posting untrue or incomplete information in the offers, as well as for any consequences of transactions that were completed through

  29. We reserve all the rights and authorities to modify and update these Terms of use at anytime, without prior notice, by updating this posting. Any posted changes are effective immediately after posting and your continued use of the constitutes your agreement that you have read all of these Terms of Use, acceptance that you respect them in their entirety and its amendments.

  30. These rules apply from the moment of their publication.

  31. YOU CAN NOT RESELL OUR SERVICES OR TAKE ANY BENEFIT FROM SELLING SERVICES THAT ARE FOR FREE. If you want to become our representative please feel free to contact us.

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